Rapide One’s design is not only beautiful, its practical.   If filament cools too fast it can shrink and crack.

To minimize the effects that open printers are susceptible too we have designed a fully enclosed printer using the finest materials to ensure your prints come out perfect without the need to be concerned about what’s happening around the machine.

The large glass front and back ensure you can view the print with ease.
Rapide One represents a quantum leap in how you will see and use 3D printers in your office or at home.

Designed to blend with any environment Rapide One sets a new benchmark in 3D printing style and design.
Whether you want a 3D Printer for rapid prototyping or just experimenting with what you can design and make Rapide
One ticks all the boxes and will give you the ultimate in printing experience.
We didn’t invent the 3D Printer but we have redefined what 3D printing should look and feel like from the ground up.

We believe that Rapide One will change everything you ever thought 3D printing was or should be.
We have taken another step in the enhancement of how you print by designing an interchangeable cartridge system in the top of the printer.

This not only saves space but it also allows easy change of color on the fly.

You can keep different materials and colors preloaded for easy changeover.   No more unsightly spools of messy material here.

Rapide 3D cartridges are stackable for easy storage and all cartridges are interchangable between our complete model range.
Rapide One’s chassis has been crafted from the finest aircraft grade aluminum, precision cut to provide not only a solid foundation for your new printer but an internal finish that is simply stunning.
Quality 3D printing requires a sound foundation of strength and stability.   It is essential that the heat bed is not only flat and level but very stable to achieve optimum performance and build quality.

That is why we have designed a polished aluminum heat bed, which has been precision machined to ensure tolerance and stick.   This also means limited warp or curling in the print process.